Diary for 2019 of Speakers and some other events.


Members please note that changes to your standard Luncheon arrangements should be made with the Luncheon Secretary, see "Contact us" page or the back of your name badge.


Date             Speaker                     Topic


Jan 8th       Roz Hall                       Roz Hall  -  A COMIC POET

                                                                     (Recitations/ Entertainment)


Feb 5th                                           ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING


Mar 5th      Brian Wickendon          SPRING GARDENS


Apr 2nd     Terry Allen                    TAX, CARE and TOY BOYS

                    (Co-op)                          (Legal affairs / Estate planning)


May 7th     Dan Kessler                  NEW YORK COURT ADVENTURES



May 19th  -  May 26th                    SUMMER CRUISE HOLIDAY

                                                          (Guernsey - Spain - France)


June 4th    Michael Holton              DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER

                                                           (Professional bookbinder)

June 7th                                           Stroll and Lunch, from the Station gates area


June 20th                                         Parkers Garden Centre "get together"


July 2nd     Peter Hesketh              T.E.U. WORLD TOUR

                                                         (A circumnavigation of the World on container ships)


Aug 2nd                                          GRAND SUMMER BALL


Aug 6th      Jim Lunn                      THE RIVER STOUR AND WORK OF

                                                                          THE RIVER STOUR TRUST


Sept 3rd     Sue Smart                    MY LIFE WORKING AT HARROD'S  


Oct 1st       Revd. Keith Lovell        HISTORY THROUGH THE SEA SHANTY

                                                            (Includes sing-along)


Oct 19th   -  Oct 23rd                      HOLIDAY AT WARNERS   -   Sinah Warren Coastal Hotel


Nov 5th      Douglas Roberts          DAIRY FARMING IN TENDRING


DEC 3rd                                          ANNUAL PROBUS CHRISTMAS LUNCH