2020  -  A COVID YEAR


2020 has been a very difficult year for the nation and it has seriously affected our Club's activities.

This website is meant to be a reference for Club members and for any members of the public who are interested in our activities or possibly joining us.

However, what follows is a summary of the Club's main activities this year.

The year started with our normal meetings for January and March and then we entered the March lockdown period.

The Committee responded magnificentally to the challenge (I'm not on the main committee), and from that point on there were regular emails circulated to members updating them on various events, continued communication on welfare matters, an online newsletter for members and also a regular circulation of jokes and "chuckles". We even started getting circulated with the Probus Global newsletter which has reports from some Clubs around the World. In fact our secretary has sent a letter about our Club which we hope they will include in their next issue. Details can be found by clicking the "Probus Global" tab in the left column.

In parallel with these online activites for members, the Committee were also in regular contact with the Golf Club to determine when the meetings could be restarted and what the conditions would be.

The Committee undertook to phone all members ocassionally to check they were OK.

Other events such as the Summer Ball and the Christmas Luncheon were cancelled.


As lockdown eased, there was a desire to restart meetings. It was recognised this would carry risks, but the Club worked hard to overcome these. So, the first meeting after lockdown happened on July 2nd, but this took place under tight restrictions agreed with the Golf Club, and this also meant limiting the numbers. The Committee put out detailed procedures and controls to enable the meeting and it was good to get back and share the "Friendship and Fellowship" with other members, albeit in strange circumstances.

We have had four meetings since the first lockdown in March 2020, for safety reasons these have all been with internal speakers, and they have all been well appreciated by members. thanks to all those speakers, shown below:

July 2nd  -  George Gardner  "an overview of the 18th/19th century Royal Navy"

August 4th  -  Chris Keeble   "The development of the Triangle Shopping Centre and his Company's involvement in it's 50 year history"

Sept 1st   -  Alan Eldret  "Micro brewing in Frinton"

Oct 6th   -  Ian Whale   "Duties of a Harbour Master"


We also had a film night (titled 1917) at the Golf Club  in October. This was a meal  followed by the film, with popcorns to munch on. Strict controls were applied to table numbers etc. but it seemed to be enjoyed by all.


Now at the time of writing this update (5/11/20), the whole Country has been put into Lockdown until at least December 2nd and the Committee have had to cancel ALL the November and December meetings as we will not be able to meet people from other households in an indoor, or outdoor setting.


This report has now been updated. We have come out of National Lockdown but the whole of Essex is in Tier 2 which means the Golf Club are unable to hold our event on December 14th. This was to be the film show followed by a Christmas Dinner. So it is cancelled. The Club Secretary has notified all members, and this also means we will not be able to continue with any Club events until the new year. However, our Secretary will continue to circulate information, amusing jokes/chuckles and generally keep us up to date.


Yet again I've updated this page (23/12/20). Tendring is being moved into Tier 4 on Boxing Day, these restrictions will apply for the whole of Essex. This will mean that all our club activities will be put on hold until we start seeing a relaxation of these restrictions.


Members have been circulated with a possible holiday in June 2021. This is early notification to check out interest and will be a UK venue.


So as you can see, our club continues to be pretty active and we are not letting this virus get us down.

We are however having to be quite agile on re-arranging events.


Other Probus Clubs have seen our progress in recovering from Covid-19 and we are happy to share ideas. Some Clubs are not always in such a good position to work with their venue (Frinton Golf Club have been very helpful). Members of our Probus Club will be regularly contacted by the Committee and kept up-to-date on where we are; so if you are local, and if you want to join in this active Club then our Secretaries contact details are on the "Contact Us"  page.