Club History



In January 1980, 25 retired men were invited by the local Rotary Club to discuss starting a Probus Club locally. The idea was discussed at length and agreed upon unanimously.


At the Club’s first meeting on the 1st February 1980 a Committee was formed mainly by volunteers, with a total of 40 Members being recruited almost immediately.


The first Club Luncheon was held in March 1980 at the Blenheim House Hotel,  but over the years we have had to move our meeting place a number of times due to facilities not being large enough, our regular meetings not being able to be accommodated or due to a number of hotel closures in Frinton.


In the early 90’s we were offered a “home” at the Masonic Hall in Central Avenue and then moved to their new hall when it opened at Kirby Cross. We enjoyed over 20 years using their facilities. From the start of 2015 we  moved our meetings to the Frinton Golf Club and we have continued to enjoy this excellent venue with very good facilities.


Our Membership limit was originally 40 but over the years has increased, and we presently have our membership at over 75.


Over the years the Social side of the Club has increased considerably thanks to a lot of hard work with an annual holiday break, Christmas Lunch where Wives/Partners and Guests can attend and Theatre trips when the demand is there. Members also enjoy a ‘Gentlemen’s Evening’ and in-house Golf and Snooker Tournaments.


We generally adopt the logo and priciples of the National Probus organisation and this can provide us with useful links to other clubs around the country.