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Members are reminded that they have a list of all officer’s phone details and that this is the preferred method of contact for any urgent matters.


For members Luncheon arrangements, including cancellations and bringing guests, please contact the Luncheon Secretary by Telephone and any changed arrangements will only be accepted by the Club if the Luncheon Secretary has given a positive response to your request.


In the absence of a positive response from the Luncheon Secretary, the Treasurer can be contacted BY TELEPHONE to make arrangements for you.


Email contact with committee members is detailed below.


We elect a new President every year, so contract the present imcumbent by email is best achieved via the Secretary, detail below.                     


For information about the Club, including membership requests and all general correspondence, please contact:



For members fees and general financial matters please contact:



For all Social matters include Holidays, theatre trips and the Christmas Luncheon, please contact:



For all queries about speakers at our meetings please contact:



For all website queries and any publicity matters please contact: