The webmaster took a few photos of the Eastbourne 2015 holiday and they are categorised below for you to share.


The sections can be downloaded as .pdf files and can then be viewed or printed. When printing you can choose individual pages when using Adobe Acrobat Reader. ( this is the package most computers will open up automatically when you download, any problem, contact the webmaster)


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Eastbourne Views, around the Hotel area.    click here


Beachy Head, taken on a walk.                     click here


The effect of weather at Beachy Head          click here


Birling Gap, a National Trust site and amazing beach area.    click here


Pevensey Castle and St. Mary's Church, the very first Norman Church     click here


Photos of people on the trip, part 1    click here


Photos of people on the trip, part 2    click here


Photos of a birthday celebration while we were at Eastbourne    click here


Photos of the group on the way home   click here