Littlecote House Hotel, a Warners Hotel near Hungerford.


Photographs of the holiday in Littlecote are shown below. They are not a comprehensive catalogue of our holiday but they act as a reminder .You may have gone to some different areas and not have seen all the views shown.


Mike Smedley and John Floyd have sent me some photos and I've shown these also.


The sections titled can be downloaded as .pdf files and can be viewed, saved or printed as standard A4 sheets. Do note that most of the downloads are two or three pages.


Click on the underlined link to download.


Around the Main house at Littlecote. click here.


The Mosaic in the grounds. Click here.


The horse drawn barge trip on the Kennet canal:

    The stop at Newbury, not many pictures I'm affraid.   click here.

    The barge trip itself,  section 1. Click here.

                                      section 2  Click here.

                                      section 3. Click here.


GWSR Steam Railway excursion,

and other photos by Mike Smedley  click here.


Photos of our people in our party.   click here.


Various photos by John Floyd, around the house and on the train trip.

             Part 1      click here

             Part 2      click here