A number of club members meet and play each Monday at The Memorial Hall in Frinton. Members are always welcome to join in.

There is an Annual Knock-out Competition and our recent results are:


                        2018 Champion                                       Keith Banks

                      2018 Runner-up                                      Derek Peachey


                      2017 Champion                                       Roger Smith

                      2017 Runner-up                                      Freddie Henderson


                      2016 Champion                                       Derek Peachey

                      2016 Runner-up                                       Keith Banks


                      2013 Champion                                       Mike Reynolds

                      2013 Runner-up                                       Roy Brewerton


                      2012 Champion                                        Barrie Wheatley

                      2012 runner-up                                         Keith Banks






The singles knock-out competition is held throughout the year, matches being played at Frinton Golf Course.


                      2018 Competition cancelled


                    2017 Champion                               Alan Dunt

                    2017 Runner-up                              Keith Banks


                    2016 Champion                               Alan Dunt

                    2016 Runner-up                              Chris Sims


                    2015 Champion                               Keith Banks                  

                    2015 Runner-up                              Roy Stevenson


                    2014 Champion                               Chris Sims 

                    2014 Runner-up                               Keith Banks


                    2013 Champion                               Mike Reynolds

                    2013 Runner-up                               John Nield


                    2012 Champion                               Bill Smith

                    2012 Runner-up                               Chris Sims




We have a number of members who play regularly and would be willing to involve any new members.



A few of our members play Bridge, please contact the Secretary if you would like to contact other members with that interest.