Probus around the World.


We have developed contacts with other clubs around the world as part of the Probus Global organisation. They send out a newsletter which has been circulate to  our members, and we have had a visit from one of the key members in this organisation, and of course, there is always an open invitation to our members to pay a visit to overseas Clubs, should they be in that area.

In 2019 we had a visit from Howard Massey of Kiama Downs Men’s Probus Club in NSW, unfortunately Howard was unable to attend our monthly luncheon meeting but was able to meet some senior members for a drink and a chat. Click here  to see a photograph. (L to R Tony Comber Club Secretary, Howard Massey, Ian Whale 2019 President, Keith Banks Past President, Tony Rudd 2020 President and Brian Heard)

We will no doubt be getting further newsletters from different Countries and our Secretary will keep us informed.


 Our ongoing communications with the organisation are as follows:


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